The main goal of the Security personnel is to abide by the existing regulation in terms of airport security. The Security staff is made of professional figures trained to guarantee the safety of the airport premises through a H24 surveillance. At the same time, they assist every passenger during the security screening.

To carry out the tasks relating to the duties entrusted to them, the Security staff members must possess the necessary knowledge in accordance with Article 138 of the Italian Consolidated Law on Public Security (TULPS), and the prerequisites pursuant to the Ministerial Decree no. 85/99 – annex B. They must undergo a background check and participate in pre-selections, followed by both theoretical and practical on-the-job training.

At the end of the preparatory course, competent Authorities will release an assessment certificate.

The hiring process includes:

– Screening interview. A job interview in Italian, conducted to determine both qualifications and expectations of the applicant; a second interview in English, to certify the language proficiency;

– Aptitude tests. Both verbal and physical, they are used to determine the applicant’s potential to succeed in the task.

– Applicant’s performance evaluation: Following the previous stages, the applicant will attend a 75-hour course arranged as follows: 28-hour theoretical training; 12-hour practical training; 35-hour on the job training. After a final exam, competent Authorities will release an assessment certificate.

– Hiring procedure. Successful applicants will be contacted by the Office of Personnel Management to formalise the appointment.

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