Our Company

The Airport Security Company exists since 2000 as a branch of SOGAER, and it is responsible for passenger and luggage screening pursuant to Article 2, Ministerial Decree no. 85 of 1999.

In 2008 the company got a quality certification, which was confirmed in the following years, in accordance with the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

In addition, the company provides surveillance services within the premises of the airport and, when requested, other specific security services on demand, pursuant to Article 3, Ministerial Decree no. 85 of 1999:

  • Parcels, luggage, and small cargo X-ray inspection in areas under a sub-concession agreement;
  • catering supply screening and inspection of food premises and catering units into and out of the aircraft;
  • airside supervision;
  • passenger profiling and travel document verification before check-in;
  • aircraft loading and unloading supervision;
  • travel document secondary check at the boarding gates;
  • passenger profiling and carry-on luggage secondary check at the boarding gates;

  • luggage, cargo, parcels, catering, and food units into and out of the aircraft;
  • armed escorts for both departing and arriving passengers;
  • luggage, cargo, and parcels storage service;
  • cockpit preflight inspection;
  • police intervention in case of emergency and security procedures;
  • Any other intervention required by the airport authority for which the use of public or military resources is not necessary;
  • Other services envisaged by the National Security Plan, or specifically requested by airlines and/or airport professionals.

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